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Salmonella Biology and Pathogenesis (inagural GRS), 22-28 July 2023

Salmonella Biology and Pathogenesis (GRS)

On 22-28 July 2023 the Vacc-iNTS Consortium is attending the inaugural Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) on Salmonella Biology and Pathogenesis -The Impact of Microbial and Host Factors on Salmonella Biology – in Lucca (Italy).

The GRS will bring together junior investigators including graduate students, post-docs, and other early career researchers in a relaxed and welcoming environment to present and discuss their research. The aim of the GRS is to promote collaboration, discussion, and networking amongst a cohort of junior investigators who share a common interest in the study of Salmonella. 

The following presentation have been done by the Vacc-iNTS Consortium:

  • Helen Dale (University of Liverpool, United Kingdom) “Sero-Epidemiology in Africa of Invasive Non-Typhoidal Salmonellosis (SAiNTS Study); Study Aims, Design and Early Findings” (oral & poster presentation).
  • Rocio Canals Alvarez (GVGH, Italy) “Preclinical development of effective and affordable GMMA-based vaccines to tackle invasive nontyphoidal Salmonella disease” (poster presentation)

Find additional information on the conference here